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In order that your book is easily identifiable and searchable, it should have an ISBN attached to it. ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, and is a unique identifier for each volume. We can provide a unique ISBN for you, so that your book can be searched by suppliers and retailers throughout the industry.


An ISBN is also required if you want to list your book on Amazon.




Copyright is an option that we offer for our clients, and can be added onto any package. Copyright for an original work is available for terms of five or ten years, and if you decide you would like to copyright your work, we can sort out the paperwork for you.


Nielsen BookData & The British Library


Nielsen BookData is the industry standard in the UK for professional book listings. It is a database of published material that is searched by retailers such as Waterstones in order to source new and reprinted material. If you list your book with Nielsen, it will be searchable by industry professionals, and retailers.


Registering with Nielsen also means that a copy of your book data will be stored with the British Library, and thus will be recorded as an official publication. We can arrange all registration for you, so that you don’t have to deal with the paperwork.




The most popular place to sell self-published material is with Amazon. You can list both printed material and ebooks with Amazon, and they take a small commission on every sale. Other than that you receive full royalties from your book sales, and we will even organise all the listings for you as part of your publishing package with Paragraph.


Most of all, if you publish your book with Paragraph, it will be of the highest professional standard, and will have the best possible chance of being seen by both readers and industry insiders outside of the traditional publishing path. You don’t have to deal with agents or paperwork, and we can guide you as much or as little as you need. Our goal is to make great writers more visible, and to democratise the publishing process. If you think we might be the right company for you, please do get in touch.




Although ebooks are a great way to get your work out to a wide audience, you may also want to have your work printed; either for friends and family, or for sale on Amazon and in bookstores. Physical books are on the rise in popularity again after the ebook phenomenon, and for certain markets, such as cookery or childrens' books, there's nothing quite like the real article.


We work with professional book printers to ensure you get the highest quality product, and can work with various layouts to produce the perfect printed volume.

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