Copy Editing.


When writing your book, you are likely to be much more focused on the story or information at hand, and actually getting it all down, rather than paying close attention to spelling and grammar. As well as this, it is often very difficult to notice our own mistakes; after all, if we noticed them we wouldn’t make them in the first place!


Enter your editor.


The editor of a text pays very close attention to both spelling and grammar, as well as the content and coherence of the text, ensuring that it makes sense, and that you haven’t missed any glaring plot holes, or written convoluted sentences. In order that the book – whatever its content – portrays its message effectively, the editor will often provide notes on plot and character for fiction, or factual information for non-fiction, as well as spelling, grammar, and syntax. This is an essential part of the publishing process, and even if you don’t outsource anything else, it is always worth employing an editor to read over your work.


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